1. US Patent Number: US 9,068,374 B2


Inventors: Dr. Suryaprasad Jayadevappa, Mr. Haseeb Arfath Syed, Mr. Srinidhi Sridhar

Abstract: A method and system for managing vehicles within a boundary is provided. Boundary units positioned at predetermined locations in a managing area define a boundary, within which multiple docking stations that secure the vehicles are positioned. Each docking station comprises a client component and a locking unit. The client component, in communication with a central server, allocates a vehicle to a user based on allocation criteria. The locking unit unlocks the allocated vehicle from a docking station. Each vehicle comprises a vehicle control unit, in communication with the boundary units, for determining proximity of the allocated vehicle to the defined boundary, and for restricting movement of the allocated vehicle when the allocated vehicle is in close proximity to the defined boundary. The central server, in communication with the boundary units, determines location of the allocated vehicle, when the allocated vehicle is in close proximity to and breaches the defined boundary.

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2. US Patent Number: US 20130108994 A1

Title: Adaptive multimodal communication assist system

Inventors: Dr. Gowri Srinivasa, Himanshu

Abstract: The invention is a system that permits visually and/ or hearing impaired persons to communicate with each other and with people who have normal sight and hearing. It accepts input in one of the multiple modes: audio (speech), video (gestures) or text and relays the output in any one or more of the three modes. If the input and output modes are different, the system processes the input to convert it from one format to another using gesture, speech or text recognition systems (as applicable) that are based on machine learning algorithms. The system permits the user to define their own constructs and dictionaries, thus its use extends beyond standard Indian and International languages. Further, it adapts to the user’s proficiency level, adjusting the input and output rates to the speed at which the user processes the input/ output. Since a novice user may become proficient with time, the system is designed to continuously adapt to the changing proficiency of the user.

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3. Patent Number: Non-provisional patent published for India ( Indian Complete Patent Application No. 3870/CHE/2013)


Inventors: Dr. Suryaprasad Jayadevappa, Mr. Arjun S

Shopping in today’s world face several challenges. There are many products / varieties / brands / offers being introduced everyday which is dynamic. It’s difficult to choose the right product. During check out after encountering long queues few items may not fit the budget & it needs to be returned. Most of the customers face issue in planning with their present budget. Many are forced to remove products from their cart at the end after they realize they have crossed their budget. Customers spend considerable amount of time in search of required products. Most of the customers forget to buy the required product if they find it being located in a far of location, while they would be busy purchasing way long. Most important of all retailers face issue of their product inventory. It is not fool proof and hence it results in loss.

Our solution facilitates automatic billing; hence people can decide their product to purchase with the running total provided to them. Dynamic location of cart lets the customers know where they are, added to this they will have a clear idea of the products being present in their respective aisles. and customer can know the location of particular product by typing it in the Keypad provided to them. The user friendly software that we provide helps solve the inventory problem, once after the products are billed the inventory is updated.

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