Qualification :

Professinal Experience
16.5 years of Teaching experience

1.Seminar Co-ordinator
2.Class Co-ordinator

Software Engineering, System Modelling

1. "A Framework for the Estimation of OO Software Reliability using Design Complexity Metrics", in International Conference on Trends in Automation, Communication and Computing Technologies (ITACT), 2015 IEEE International Conference on , 22-23 Dec, 2015, Co-Author: Dr R Selvarani.

2. “Software Defect Prediction Using Class Imbalance Learning”, at International Conference on Advances in Computer & Communication Engineering, Bangalore, Co-Author Ashwini N April 2014.

3 “An Improved Adaptive Probabilistic search in unstructured peer to peer network”, at National conference on Information Technology for Sustainable Future (NCITSF’14), Jain University, Bangalore, Co-Author: Rajini.S.N.

4 “A Graded attribute based solution for access control in cloud computing”, International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering (ICACCE 2012), Manila, Philippines, 2012.

5 “Enhancing Network Capacity and Throughput in Data Center networks”, International conference on Computational Techniques and Artificial Intelligence (ICCTAI 2012), Feb 11-12 2012, Penang Malaysia.