Qualification :
Ph.D (CSE)
B.Sc (Honors, Mathematics)

Professinal Experience
Career Institute of Technology( now Manav Rachna International University) : Aug 31 1998 to May 2007
PESIT, Bangalore South Campus : 2 Feb 2009 till date
In all 17+ yrs of teaching experience for Undergraduate and Postgraduates courses

• Currently, Heading MCA dept., involved in all administrative departmental work, coordinating functioning of department properly.
• All department related activities for uplifting the department.
• Conducted various Workshops in the college for the benefit of students and faculties.
• For last 2 years, ICICI Trinity launch is organized under my mentorship in college premises.
• Was member of BOE (Board of Examination) deputed by University in 2012.
• Actively participated in BOS meetings and was responsible for developing Course material for one stream (Databases) in MCA curriculum (2013).
• Conducts Departmental Annual Fest ( for MCA) Esperanza .
• Takes students for Industrial visits. In past, visited Infosys and CISCO.
• Presented and published Students research papers at various conferences with UG and PG students.
• Guided many Project Batches in 8th Sem BE and 6th Sem MCA and 4th Sem MTech.
• Currently guiding 2 Ph.D students under Visveshvarya Technological University, Belgaum. Co-guide for 2 students.
• Published 20+ papers in reputed Journals and Conferences..
• Reviewer for Intl. Jour. Of Advanced Technologies (IJoAT, ISSN: 0976-4860), IJCSI, IJCA, SNAM,(Springer) and Inderscience Journals and many IEEE Conferences. Reviewer for IEEE Sixth Intl. Conf. on Computer Engineering and Systems 2010-2015 Egypt, Cairo for last 5 years.

Additional Information

• Senior Member IEEE, Life Member CSI, Member IAENG.
• Chaired a session in National Conference at CMRIT, Bangalore in March 2014.
• Reviewed papers from Springer Journal (SNAM).
• Chaired a session on Data Mining and Networking in IEEE Conf. IC-IMPETUS 2014.
• Delivered a talk at a World Congress in Trichy in St. Joseph College, on 01 March 2014.
• Co-chaired a session in RETCOMP 11-13 Jan2013.
• Co-Chaired a paper presentation session at 1st Intl. Conf. on Multimedia processing, Communication and Computing Applications (13-15 Dec 2012) at PESIT, Bangalore.
• Delivered a talk on Concepts of Data Mining at National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Information Technology in St. Francis De Sales College on 21st Dec 2011.
• Co-authored two books on Engineering Mathematics, Birla Publishers.
• Adjudged as “Best Faculty” in the Deptt. Of Applied Scs. And Humanities in Aug. 2005 by College Management (MREI, Faridabad).
• Got Appreciation Certificate for attaining 100% results for 8th sem CSE, MCA and M.Tech many times.
• Attended a 4 days Summer Workshop on Very Large Databases held IIT, Delhi, June 2004 and many other workshops and conferences.
• Attended one week Mission10x Workshop held by Wipro Technologies in May 2009 at PESSE, Bangalore.

  1. Handled Data Mining
  2. Databases
  3. Advanced Databases
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Managing Big Data
  6. System Simulation and Modeling
  7. Principles of User Interface Design
  8. Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  9. MIS, Engineering Mathematics
  10. Operation Research
  11. Discrete Mathematics
  12. Applied Numerical Methods
  13. Biostatistics in BE, M.Tech and MCA.

Areas of Interest

  1. Data Mining
  2. Machine Intelligence
  3. Data Analytics
  4. Databases
  5. Text Mining
  6. Natural Language Peocessing
  7. Knowledge Based Systems

1. Pooja Agarwal, Arti Arya, Suryaprasad J., Abhijit Theophilus, "A Machine Learning based Approach to Multiclass Classification of Customer Loyalty using Deep Nets" has been accepted in “The International Review on Computers and Software“ (IRECOS) (acceptance on 14 July 2017.)

2. Pooja Agarwal, Abhijith Theo, Arti Arya, J SuryaPrasad, “Leveraging Different Machine Learning Rules in Hopfield Nets for Multiclass Classification” accepted for presentation at IEEE Technically Future Technologies Conference(FTC 2017), 29-30 Nov 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

3. Tiwari, Vishnu Shankar, and Arti Arya. "Horizontally scalable probabilistic generalized suffix tree (PGST) based route prediction using map data and GPS traces." Journal of Big Data(SpringerOpen) 4.1 (2017): 23.

4. Varsha V, Arti Arya, Pooja Agarwal, Lakshmi S, Sanjay Balana “ Iterative Mchine and Deep Learning Approach for Aviation Delay Prediction” Accepted for presentation at IEEE UPCON 2017, to be held on 26-28th Oct at GLA University, Mathurs.

5. Abin Martin Jones, Arti Arya, Pooja A, Purvasha G, Tejas A, “An Ontological Sub-Matrix Factorization based Approach for Cold-Start Issue in Recommender Systems “ Accepted for presentation at IEEE Conference CTCEE 2017 to be held in Mysuru on 8-9 Sep 2017.