14 Years

Project Coordinator, Lab Incharge, Faculty Advisor

Microcontrollers (Theory and Lab.)
Digital Circuit Design (Theory and Lab.)
Control Systems
Process Instrumentation
Microprocessors (Theory and Lab)
ARM Microcontroller and embedded system
Digital Design using HDL (Theory and Lab.)

Research Interests
Identification of process dynamics using state space technique, Controller design, Sensors.

Journal Publications

1. Bajarangbali, Nisha S., Sujith R., Raju Singh and Nithu Singh “IoT Based Displacement Sensor”, IJEECS, Volume 6, Issue 11, November 2017, ISSN 2348-117X.

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Conference Publications

1. Akshatha V Murthy, Rajeshwari B, Bajarangbali B, “SOC for image processing using SIFT accelerator” 16th IEEE India Council International Conference, INDICON 2019. 14 – 15 Dec., 2019, Marwadi University, Rajkot, India.

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3. Aparna Anand and Bajarangbali, "Design of High Speed CRC Algorithm for Ethernet on FPGA using Reduced Lookup Table Algorithm" 13th International IEEE India conference (INDICON 2016) held at IISc Bangalore, 2016.

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10. Bajarangbali “Design and development of haptic device for laparoscopic simulator by using FPGA” in State level technical paper presentation contest, sponsored by TEQIP at National Institute of Engg., Mysore, 10th May, 2006.

Book Chapters

1. Bajarangbali and Majhi S., “Modelling of integrating and unstable time delay processes”, in Recent Advancements in System Modelling Applications, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Vol. 188, pp. 311-318, Springer India, 2013.

2. Bajarangbali and Majhi S., “Smart Relay Based Online Estimation of Process Model Parameters”, in Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Vol. 236, pp. 1195 - 1204, Springer, India, 2014.