Mechanical Engineering is the core engineering discipline, the concepts of which are prerequisite for every other branch of engineering as rightly reflected by the curriculum framed by reputed universities all over the world. This is precisely the reason for many mechanical engineers to occupy responsible positions practically in every field of activity – Space, Aviation, Power, Defence and of course the elite Information technology as well. Most of the engineering based management experts hail from mechanical engineering background. There is substantial contribution by this faculty towards green revolution in the country.
The PES Institute of Technolgy, Bangalore South Campus has the following Laboratories in Mechanical Engineering Department, equipped with state of the art technology. Well-trained staff and highly experienced faculty provide on-hand training to the students imparting right skills to them during the lab classes.

  • Basic workshop Lab
  • Computer aided engineering drawing Lab
  • Metallography & material testing Lab
  • Foundry & Forging Lab
  • Mechanical measurements & metrology Lab
  • Machine shop Lab
  • Fluidmechanics & machinery Lab
  • Energy conversion engineering Lab
  • Design Lab
  • Computer aided modeling & analysis Lab
  • Heat & mass transfer Lab
  • CIM & automation Lab

Mechanical Engineering Department at PES Institute of Technolgy, Bangalore South Campus having excellent faculty chosen with balanced blend of experts from industry and academics headed by Prof. Subrahmanya S Katte who pursued his research at IIT, Madras and having many national and international papers to his credit and supervising several research scholars together provide student-friendly environment. Thus facilitating students acquire appropriate skills not only in engineering but also on personality development enabling them to develop right attitude to face the challenges ahead.
Mechanical Engineering industry stands aloft withstanding any turbulence in the industrial scenario that could be a result of variations such as market recession etc. The Department offers regular expert lectures, seminars, group activities inculcate team spirit among the students and Staff’s.