Vishnu K R


M-Tech (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)

Subjects Handled

  • Elements of Mechanical Engineering
  • Material Science, Metrology and Measurements
  • Design of Machine Elements I &II
  • LABS- Workshop
  • M&M LAB
  • Machine shop
  • Foundry lab
  • CIM Lab

Welding, Surface Engineering.

Optimization of Cutting Parameters during Dry Turning of Austenitic Stainless Steel Using nc-AlTiN/Si3N4, TiAlN, and TiN Coated Inserts, Journal of Materials, vol. 2016, Article ID 3495698, 5 pages, 2016

  1. Vishnu K R, Gopalakrishna H D“Characterisation of TiAlN and ZrAlN coatings on cemented carbide tool” Proceedings of National Conference on Engineering, Technology and Management organized by R V College of Engineering, Bengaluru, Karnataka on 22-23 April, 2016.
  2. Vishnu.K.R, Kaushik V Prasad, " Characterisation of TiAlN and ZrAlN coatings on cemented carbide tool", Presented National Conference on Recent Advances in Materials Science and its Applications-2016 held at School of Engineering and technology, Jain University
  3.  T. Vivekananda Swamy, Dr. S. Adinarayana, M. K. Naidu, Vishnu.K.R, " STUDY ON EFFECT OF STRESS RELIEVING FEATURE ON SPUR GEARS BY CONSIDERING SHAFT AND SHAFT DEFLECTION", at REVA University, International Conference on "Emerging Research Trends in Mechanical and Civil Engineering-(ICERTMCE-2017).
  4. Ramesh C S, Saleem KHAN, Vishnu K R, Chethan H C, Dattatri S, " Corrosion Behaviour of Aluminium 6061-Silicon Nitride- Carbon Fiber Hybrid composite", Technical Paper selected in European Corrosion Congress 2017, 20th International Corrosion Congress & Process Safety Congress 2017, Prague, Czech Republic on September 3–7, 2017