Qualification :


13 Years

Quality of Work Life

• Published a paper on “QWL and its effects on Job Performance” in Apeejay Journal of Management Sciences and Technology in February 2015 having ISSN No : 2347-5005
• Presented a paper on “Working Conditions Of The Labors In The Apparel Industry: A Case Study Of Noida Cluster” at National Conference On Managing Unorganized Sector in India, at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad.
• Published a paper on “A Study of Employee Engagement and its Effect on Employee Productivity: Case Study on Telecommunication Sector” in International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Sciences and Management Studies, Volume 2, Dec 14 ISSN: 232 7782
• Presented a Research Paper on “Generation at workplace” in International Management Research Conference held by Amity University, and Published in Conference proceeding journal having ISBN: 978-81-8011-183
• Published a research Paper on “Role of Organisational Climate on Job satisfaction : A Critical study on Indian IT Industry in International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering ,Volume 4, Issue 12,Dec 14, ISSN: 2249-0558
• Published a Research Paper on “Role conflict and in pursuit of balance: a study on dual career couple” in South Asian Journal of Marketing & Management in the October Issue 2014
• Published a Research paper on “A Study on the importance of workplace flexibility to meet the needs of changing workforce” in national monthly refereed Journal of Research in Commerce & Management
• Presented a Research Paper on “Employee Engagement” in International Seminar held by Amity University
• Presented a Research Paper on “Dual Career Couple” in an International Seminar held by IMT , Faridabad
• Published a Research Paper “Emotional Intelligence & Work Family conflict” in International journal of Retailing & Marketing • Published a Research Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility as a sustainable strategy in International Journal of Social Sciences & Management
• Published an article on “Training Need Analysis” in Ushus Business Journal July 06