Syed Sharin

Qualification :
M Tech (Thermal) , MBA (Marketing)

4.3 years of teaching in various Thermal Engineering subjects

Solar Energy and Heat Transfer

International Journals (4)
1. Syed Sharin “Solar Thermoelectric Hybrid Power Generator” Published in IJMER , Vol 4 , Issue 3, March 2014.

2. Ashok T K and Syed Sharin “Analysis of compound Angled Gas Turbine Blade leading Edge model on Adiabatic film cooling effectiveness by numerical investigation using CFD” ,Published in IJSRD, Vol 2 , Issue 2, May 2015.

3. Pradeep H and Syed Sharin “ Hybrid solar still with thermoelectric generator and evacuated tubes” Published in IJIMINDS ,Vol 3, Issue 5.

4. Meenakshi S and Syed Sharin “ Heat Transfer Characteristics using inserts in Tubes” Published in IJSRD, Vol 3, Issue 3, May 2015.

Conferences : National Conference (1)

1. Syed Sharin and Syed Firozuddin, “Thermal performance on single basin solar still with evacuated tubes solar collector”, in the National conference on “Advances in Renewable Energy Engineering “ Organized by G.H.Raisoni college of Engineering Nagpur during 3rd and 4th Dec 2013.