Dr Shashidhar Tantry

Qualification :

  • B E (Electronics and Communication)
  • M E (Systems Engineering)
  • Ph D (Analog Circuits for Neural Networks)

Industry Experience:
17 years

  • Worked experience in companies Wipro, Aplab, Sankalp, etc

Professional Membership
IEEE Solid State Circuits Society, Senior Member

Teaching Experience :
3 Years - PESIT B Sc

  1. Teaching faculty for Microelectronics for Undergraduate course, teaching faculty for Synthesis and Optimization of Digital Circuits for M Tech VLSI post graduate course
  2. Played teaching assistant role during Doctoral studies

Research Experience :
0.5 years - Shizuoka University

  1. Analog VLSI
  2. System integration on VLSI
  3. Application Specific IC design
  4. Methodology development for VLSI
  5. Mathematical modelling of process technology
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  2. Rohan Srinath, G N Prasanna Patil, S Pratiksha Shetty, Venkatesh Pampana and Shashidhar Tantry “A Capacitive sensor readout circuit with low power mode and variable gain operations” International Conference on Microelectronic Devices, Circuits and Systems 2017
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