Qualification :
B.Sc(Hons), M.Sc(Mathematics), MTech,PhD(CS)

Professinal Experience
Carrer Institute of Technology( now Manav Rachna International University) : Aug 31 1998 to May 2007
PESIT, Bangalore South Campus : 2 Feb 2009 till date
In all 14+ yrs of teaching experience for Undergraduate and Postgraduates courses

• Adminstering the Departmental work.
• Responsible for planning activities and events for upliftment of the Dept.
• ConductingWorkshops on latest technologies in the college for benefit of students and faculty.
• Taking students for Industrial Visits.
• Conducting Soft skills and general Aptitude classes as a part of Pre placement training to MCA students.
• Guiding students from various branches for Research oreinted projects.
• Teaching MCA and Mtech students
• Guiding 4 PhD students under VTU
• Also responsible for counselling of students.

Advanced Databases
Data Mining & Datawarehousing
Artificial Intelligence
Principles of User Interface Design
Discrete Mathematics
Operation Research

Data Mining
Text Mining
Web Mining
Graph Mining
Big Data Analysis
Opinion Mining

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